About the Founder.

Pete Muling is the founder and CEO of Ethical Leaders. Holding a masters in educational leadership and having spent over two decades in senior leadership roles in the secondary education and university sectors, Pete has a keen interest in supporting others to thrive, whether at work, home or the broader community.

As an Associate of Insight SRC Pete is in a unique position to draw upon robust research and best practice in understanding the foundations of what it takes for individuals and organisations to flourish.

Pete is especially interested in the framework known as the Flourishing and Languishing Triangles developed by Dr Peter M. Hart and his colleagues, and the implications of this framework on how we can enhance our emotional responses and those of the people around us. To find out more about this framework, you can read Pete’s book, ‘The Power of Triangles’ – written with Peter M. Hart and Roger K. Dingle.

Explore how we can ultimately optimise the well being and success of those in our lives