Developing Consciously Skilled Leaders and Teams

Pete supports leaders and their teams to develop:

  • an understanding and insight into the essence of workplace relationships and morale
  • concrete strategies and skills that impact workplace climate at its core
  • a capacity to strategically and intentionally apply the learning

Pete’s Services.

Pete provides a range of practical solutions and readily usable skills through workshops, coaching and mentoring.

Workplace Morale Workshop

Human beings yearn for deep satisfaction and happiness. The difference between a workplace where individuals and teams flourish, compared to that where they languish is profound.

Feedback Workshop

Opportunities for learning and development are key to enhancing workplace morale. A culture of feedback makes a powerful contribution to learning, maximising growth, enhancing relationships and improving clarity.

Meetings Workshop

The quality of the ‘meeting experience’ can have a significant impact on workplace morale. The difference in emotions experienced between meetings which have clarity of purpose; effective engagement protocols and a focus on learning and those which do not, can be profound.

Coaching Protocols Package

The development of staff enhances their capacity to positively contribute to the organisation.

Leading from Values & Beliefs Protocols Package

There is often a tension between what is stood for and current reality, as demonstrated by existing practices.

Coaching & Mentoring

Leadership is intensely rewarding. It is also hard and risky business as it often challenges entrenched beliefs about how things should be done and puts others outside their levels of comfort. Leadership can be a lonely business as others take aim at leaders for the pain they may be experiencing as change takes hold.

See how we’ve helped our clients.

  • James Stephan
    “Having recently gone through Peter’s course I found both the content and its delivery to be extremely valuable to our business. Peter has provided us with a structured framework allowing us to implement a culture of feedback and getting the best out of each other. I would highly recommend this course to any business owners wanting to foster a positive culture of feedback within the workplace to get the most out of themselves and their employees.”
    James Stephan
    Director | Stephan Independent Advisory
  • Joe Stephan
    "Peter Muling’s workshop on building a culture of feedback within the workplace has been invaluable to our small business. Not only was the foundational education informative and relevant to the dynamics of our team but the practical application of content through one on one sessions ensured that what we have learned is now embedded in the ordinary course of our day to day dealings with each other. It is with pleasure that I recommend Peter’s workshop to any organisation who wishes to adopt a mindset of development and growth."
    Joe Stephan
    Director | CFP®
  • Libby Christmas
    "Pete’s training was logical and thorough in explaining the psychology behind giving and receiving feedback, and the practical workshops set up a great framework to put this into practice. Already I’ve witnessed improved communication within our team, which is translating to improved individual confidence and more cohesive team interaction. I would highly recommend this training for any team who is striving to reach higher levels in their teamwork or work culture."
    Libby Christmas
    Associate Principal | Cobalt
  • Jack Magree
    "The material Ethical Leaders presented has provided our whole team the clarity about the real purpose of feedback and the very genuine motivation that is required for it to be an everyday tool. Peter’s content is chock full of illuminating practical examples that are engaging and wants you thirsting for more."
    Jack Magree
    Director | Cobalt

Equip your leaders and teams with the knowledge and skills needed to enable your organisation to flourish.